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Carrot is believed to have originated in Afghanistan, which remains the centre of diversity of D. carota. They were known to the Greeks and the Romans. The greatest development and improvement of the original wild carrot that had thin, long roots took place in France. Carrots are now a popular vegetable grown all over the world.

The use of carrots was mainly medicinal, to cure stomach problems and treat wounds, ulcers, and liver and kidney ailments. Carrots are consumed fresh as a salad crop or cooked. They are also processed either alone or mixed with other vegetables. The juice is extracted and used as a drink. Tender roots are pickled or made into jam and sweetmeats in some countries. Carrot cake and carrot pudding can also be made. The aromatic seeds are used as a stimulant and torelieve flatulence. The entire plant can also be used as fodder for cattle and horses.


Maize is only known in the cultivated state, and is believed to have originated in Mexico in prehistoric times. It has currently worldwide distributed and is grown wherever summers are reasonably warm. Africa, Asia, and America are mentioned as the most likely countries of origin of maize


Tomato is indigenous to the Peru and Equador region in South America and it probably evolved from Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme, the cherry form. However, it was domesticated and first cultivated in Central America by the early Indian civilisations of Mexico. The Spanish explorers introduced tomato into Spain and it was later taken to Morocco, Turkey and Italy.


Cabbage is believed to have evolved from a wild form native to Europe, growing along the coast of the North Sea, the English Channel and the northern Mediterranean. Saxons and Romans probably cultivated and introduced it to the British Isles. Cabbage is now grown throughout the world.


Lettuce probably originated from Asia, where it was grown for centuries. Its early forms were used in Egypt around 4500 B.C. The Romans grew types of lettuce resembling the present romaine cultivars as early as the beginning of the Christian era. The crop was also used in China by the 7th century A.D. Lettuce is now one of the most important salad crops and is grown worldwide.

SABC Interview with Tunnel Farmers in Lesotho

In Lesotho most of the population is involved in subsistence farming, so the ability to control conditions in an enclosure becomes a huge advantage. In the fight against poverty in this country, tunnel farming could well be a giant step in the right direction.