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Home grown produce for us all.

Home Grown Food For Us All

We are Cultivating Ideas for Growth.

The levels of poverty, unemployment and despair inflicting the Basotho generally, and especially the youth, a large majority of whom have tertiary qualifications but are without means to support their livelihoods, is a matter of grave concern to the whole nation and to us as a company. Like all Basotho, we worry about the vast expanses of agricultural land that has been left to lie fallow while the country imports all types of food items (including our staple maize) in substantial quantities every day from neighbouring South Africa.

We have thus felt challenged to play our part, albeit insignificant and small, in stemming the tide of food imports from South Africa with the attendant cash outflows, generating wealth and creating employment not on ly for ourselves and our relatives, but also for the more vulnerable members of our society.

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More than 8 Years Of Experience

Connecting energy markets

Bringing Land into Sustainable Production.

In many economies around the world, agriculture contributes meaningfully to gross domestic product and plays a significant role in assuring food security. In our case, agricultural production has continued to decline consistently over the years not only because of crop failure, but more importantly because large tracts of land across the country are left to lie fallow due to a number of factors.

This is an unsustainable situation that needs to be reversed as it means that we are becoming increasingly dependent on imports of cereals, vegetables and fruits and on food donations from the international community – this at a time when the number of landless people is also increasing. This concern which has since been reiterated in subsequent budget speeches and other relevant fora underscores the need to utilize the land, one of the most critical resources at our disposal, to turn our fortunes to our favour.

More than 8 Years Of Experience

Home Grown Food For Us All

Use of Appropriate Technologies and Practices.

It is our firm belief that in order to meet the ever increasing per capita demand for food, agriculture has to invest in greater inputs of fertilizer, water, pesticides, new crop strains and other technologies which are constantly evolving, and in most cases unaffordable. The technologies also have to be appropriate in all cases. We have to be aware of what technologies there are in the market through, among others, constant exposure to on the job training.

The shareholders and the farm manager have recently attended training on the use of greenhouses and been exposed to the great multitude of agricultural technologies and practices with immense benefits for increased productivity. We have taken a conscious decision to adopt some of these gradually over time depending on affordability without losing sight of the environmental sustainability and job creation imperatives. In addition, we have noted the value of continuous training and undertaken to develop a training and development plan for all staff with a view to increasing operational efficiencies.

More than 8 Years Of Experience

Home Grown Food For Us All

Responsible Citizenship

We are committed to responsible citizenship. As a company and as individuals , we believe in the rule of law and respect and submit to the authority of all policies, laws and regulations applicable to us. We are committed to working with the people around us to achieve our objectives. We treasure the buy- in of the communities in which we work because it guarantees the security and longevity of our investments.

As a demonstration of our commitment to our community we provide employment to the families of the owners of the land on which we operate in priority to other community members, but hire all our work force with the exception of the farm manager from the surrounding communities. We source inputs, expertise and other necessities locally to the extent possible.

More than 8 Years Of Experience


The Precision For Agriculture

We have already worked with Pick N Pay, Shoprite, AVANI, Food Lovers Market , Upper Qeme Fruits and Veg, Red Line Fruits and Veg, Primi Piatti, Victoria Hotel, and some street vendor.


Grain Production

We produce field crops such as wheat, maize and dry beans on a 40 hectares land at Motoko Koro-Koro, 30 km south east of Maseru


Fresh Vegetables

We produce fresh vegetables under protective structures. Shade nets and tunnels covering 0.5 hectares, irrigated by drip borehole water.


Seedling Production

We produce hybrid seedlings for a variety of vegetables. Place your order with us for this cropping season.


Supply of Fertilizers

We are resellers of fertilizers. We are affiliated with industry leaders in procurement and distribution of fertilizers.


Machine and Implement Hire

We have a range of tractors and implements for hire. Our implements are calibrated and customized to your planting requirements.


Cold Chain Services

We aggregate produce from various local farmers in our chiller room for ripening and storage. Speak to us for your cold chain needs.


Our Team

We have a team of professionals, dedicated to providing excellent service.