About Us


Leeto Ventures (Pty) Limited trading as Litsoamobung Fresh Produce is a diversified, vertically integrated agricultural enterprise operating from Koro-koro, Ha Mofoka in the capital town Maseru Lesotho. It is a wholly Basotho owned private company registered under number 2013/1896 in 2013 .

The Company’s core business is crop production comprising principally vegetables as well as field crops, and the sale of same to contribute to lessening the gap between the demand and supply of same.

Local GAP Certification

The farm is currently undergoing a regorious audit process for certification for Local GAP Standard.

Member of Potato Lesotho Association

Our Mission

Continuously realize profitability and growth objectives through production of home grown food and distribution of same.


What We Do

We provide the following services in the agricultural sector.


Grain Production

We produce field crops such as wheat, maize and dry beans on a 40 hectares land at Motoko Koro-Koro, 30 km south east of Maseru.


Vegetables Production

We produce fresh vegetables under protective structures. Shade nets and tunnels covering 0.5 hectares, irrigated by drip borehole water.


Seedling Production

We produce hybrid seedlings for a variety of vegetables. Place your order with us for this cropping season.


Supply of Fertilizers

We are resellers of fertilizers. We are affiliated with industry leaders in procurement and distribution of fertilizers.


Machine and Implement Hire

We have a range of tractors and implements for hire. Our implements are calibrated and customized to your planting requirements.


Cold Chain Services

We aggregate produce from various local farmers in our chiller room for ripening and storage. Speak to us for your cold chain services.

koro harvest


Litsoamobung subscribes to the idea of bringing idle and marginally productive land into sustainable agricultural land. This entails acquiring land for commercial farming, caring for the land and using same in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, avoiding the use of excessive artificial fertilisers, herbicides and other detrimental inputs wherever feasible. Our choice of the existing land on which we operate was driven largely by our firm belief that we could contribute to the country’s agricultural productivity by using land whose owners were either no longer utilising or using only marginally.

Promoting the continuous improvement of human and technological resources, generating competitive profitability.